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Athletic Philosophy

The Southold School District believes that interscholastic athletics are an important part of our educational program. It is our intention to provide students with the opportunity to grow and mature through physical exercise. In addition, athletics provide a vehicle to help develop positive self-esteem, and learn and appreciate the values of teamwork and sportsmanship.

Our entire program is governed by the rules and regulations of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association; which has been adopted under the guidelines of the New York State Education system. Section XI, the Suffolk County governing body, is our immediate overseer.

This stage of participation is a formal introduction of organized interscholastic contests. Skill development, learning the rules, sportsmanship and fair play are emphasized. Playing time is evenly distributed based on participation and effort.

The Junior Varsity Level is intended for those student-athletes who display the potential for continued development into a productive Varsity level player. Teams are generally composed mostly of 9th - 10th graders. The atmosphere is more competitive and the focus is on skill, conditioning work, ethics and reliability. Emphasis is placed on fundamental skill strategies of team play and social-emotional development. A specific amount of playing time is never guaranteed, but there is an effort to balance the sometimes conflicting goals of winning and of getting everyone into the game.

The Varsity level of play is designed for the highly skilled player who will be participating against other schools’ skilled players. It is the most demanding and competitive of all programs. Prior participation in an off season program does not guarantee an athlete a spot on the roster, even if the athlete was a member the preceding year. Once a member of the team, the student-athletes and parents must understand that playing time may vary extensively. It is vital that each team member understands their role on the team. It is the coach’s responsibility to convey this information to the team members. The selection of captains is determined by the coach’s individual philosophy.